The Feasibility Study

Photo credits Patrick Clancy, Thomas Reynen and Brendan Kramp.

Whole Foods

“One Dime at a Time”
October 1 | December 31, 2015

As a company, Whole Foods has several programs designed to partner with non–profits throughout the year. The non–profits must have a focus on one of the following areas: environmental preservation, health care & wellness, hunger relief, organic farming & sustainable food resources, arts & education. The St Paul Whole Foods store on Fairview & Grand Avenues has chosen the St Paul Art Collective (SPAC) as their arts recipient for the 4th quarter because of our long history with the arts in St. Paul.

The program we will be participating in is called “One Dime at a Time.” Whole Foods customers receive a 10 cent credit for bringing in their own shopping bag and they can decide to keep the 10 cents or donate to the designated non–profit organization, which would be SPAC from October 1 through December 31. They would put up signs announcing SPAC as the recipient for 3 months at the cash registers. Proceeds are expected to amount to several thousand dollars and will be used to equip the Lowertown Welcome center and for additional programming during the 25th anniversary year of the Art Crawl in 2016.

During the three month period, Whole Foods would like to display work from SPAC member artists in their café area and they would like SPAC artists to do demonstrations of their art in the store periodically throughout the quarter. For more information contact

Whole Foods | One Dime at a Time | St Paul Art Collective

Logo courtesy of Whole Foods.

The Baroque Room

The Baroque Room presents Saint Paul Classical Music Crawl
Saturday, October 10 | 12:00–8:00pm


Taking place in Lowertown, Saint Paul, during the Saint Paul Art Crawl.

The Saint Paul Classical Music Crawl is a project created by The Baroque Room and is meant to showcase the entire Saint Paul classical music scene during the Saint Paul Art Crawl. The project was originally proposed to the Knight Foundation as a Saint Paul Knight Arts Challenge matching grant in the spring of 2014. The proposal was accepted in October, 2014 and matched by individual donors and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council during the summer of 2015.

The project represents a total of 42 organizations, ensembles, and soloists.

The Baroque Room Saint Paul Classical Music Crawl

Graphic courtesy of The Baroque Room.

The Baroque Room Saint Paul Classical Music Crawl

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The Baroque Room Saint Paul Classical Music Crawl Schedule

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The Show Gallery Lowertown and Lowertown Welcome Center

When Winna Bernard found out that Three Sisters Eclectic Arts was moving out of Lowertown St. Paul to Grand Avenue, a light bulb went off in her head, Bernard’s art gallery. The Show Art Gallery, a nonprofit art organization dedicated to exhibiting works by artists from all walks of life, was located in a back room of Three Sisters. Not wanting to leave Lowertown, she reached out to the St. Paul Art Collective (SPAC) and Midwest Special Services, a non–profit providing programs and support to adults with disabilities.

In less than two weeks, the three organizations came together to create a gallery space that is truly unique to the Lowertown St. Paul community. The Show Gallery Lowertown aims to be a cooperative art space that empowers artists of all genres and promotes creative diversity, inclusion and personal growth. A person can walk into the gallery and see a piece of artwork created by an artist who may have a disability and right next to it will be a piece created by a well–known Lowertown artist. After a soft opening in late June, The Show Gallery Lowertown held a big grand opening for the community on August 7th. The gallery’s second exhibition, titled Ecosystems, opened September 4th and will run through the end of October.

The gallery space also features classrooms, a gift shop and, and the Lowertown Welcome Center. The Lowertown Welcome Center is an outgrowth of a feasibility study SPAC conducted in 2014 in conjunction with Artspace and funded by SPAC and a Bush Foundation grant. One of the needs identified by the study was for a central location in Lowertown where people could find information about events happening in the neighborhood and connect with local artists who may not have a storefront presence. Artists and businesses are encouraged to drop off their business cards and show flyers at the Center and volunteers are on hand to direct visitors. The Welcome Center also plans to maintain a calendar of classes in the downtown St. Paul area. The location a half block down from the Union Depot light rail stop makes it the perfect first stop for newcomers to Lowertown who want to find out all that Lowertown has to offer.

For more information contact

Lowertown Welcome Center

Photo credit Tom Dunn.

Hours for The Show Gallery Lowertown and the Lowertown Welcome Center are:
  • Wednesday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday 9 am – 5 pm
  • Sunday 9 am – 3 pm

It is located at 253 Fourth St. E., St. Paul in the JAX Building.

Lowertown Welcome Center

Photo credit Tom Dunn.

St. Paul Saints Baseball

The St. Paul Art Collective (SPAC) and the St. Paul Saints announced two new partnerships to celebrate the opening of CHS Field at the new Saints ballpark in Lowertown this spring.

Home Plates

The SPAC and the St. Paul Saints are again teaming up to bring an “art meets baseball” event to the 2015 Spring Art Crawl. Last year during the spring Art Crawl, SPAC partnered with the Saints to present the extremely successful “Art of Baseball” project. 108 baseballs were distributed to artists who were asked to decorate them anyway they wanted. The baseballs were returned and judged and displayed at the Union Depot during the Art Crawl. This time we wanted to see how creative artists could be in designing home plate!

100 wooden, regulation size home plates were distributed in mid–March. Artists have a month to create their own version of home plate through paint, sculpture, photography or whatever their chosen medium. The home plates will be returned for judging and will be displayed at the new Saints ballpark, CHS Field, during the Spring Art Crawl. A special silent auction will be held during the Crawl with proceeds to be divided between the artists and SPAC.

St. Paul Saints — Home Plate

Photo credit Thomas Reynen.

The Saints CHS Field — Lowertown

Photo credit Thomas Reynen.

Board of Directors

The St. Paul Art Collective Board of Directors works on projects that promote the mission and vision of SPAC. If you are interested in being part of leading the growth of our community, please contact:

The SPAC board meets monthly from 6 to 8 pm on the third Monday of every month. The public is welcome to attend our meetings or to submit items for the agenda to

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

  • President — Tom Reynen
  • Vice President — Emily Larson
  • Treasurer — Elizabeth Seehawer
  • Secretary — Josh Intemann

    Members at Large:
  • David Evans
  • Nathan Wunrow
  • Amy R. Clark
  • Ixchel McKinnie
  • Laurel Draine
  • Daniel Boen