The Feasibility Study

Photo credits Brendan Kramp, Chris LaFontaine and Thomas Reynen.

Feasibility Study — The Future of the Arts in Lowertown

SPAC and Artspace are working together to measure the interest and potential for establishing a dedicated community art space in the Lowertown neighborhood, as well as the possibility of creating an arts district designation for Lowertown. Your input was vital to this study.

Artspace, who SPAC hired to conduct the feasibility study, summarized the findings and presented their suggested recommendations for the next steps on January 21, 2015 at the Bedlam Theatre at the St. Paul Art Collective Annual Meeting.

Click here to see the study results as presented that evening.

Annual Meeting and Feasibility Study Presentation at Bedlam Theater Annual Meeting and Feasibility Study Presentation at Bedlam Theater

Photo credit Chris LaFontaine.

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SPAC and Artspace Conducted a Feasibility Study for an Arts Center in Lowertown

What Would You Like to See in Lowertown?

The St. Paul Art Collective (SPAC) received a Community Innovation Grant from the Bush Foundation. The purpose of this grant was to complete a study of the feasibility of creating an Arts Center in Lowertown and determine the level of interest and requirements for establishing a formal Arts District Designation for the Lowertown neighborhood.

We have been actively collecting feedback from the Lowertown community through a series of open stakeholder meetings with Lowertown residents, artists, business owners, and civic leaders. The most compelling theme to emerge from the discussions was the need for the centralization of arts information, and a way for artists and local businesses to collaborate in the promotion of Lowertown as a cultural destination. Many envisioned a physical center which would be a flexible, mixed use, art–centric gathering space that would also direct visitors to the wide variety of currently existing businesses, entertainment venues and art spaces in the neighborhood. We are calling this a “Hub and Spokes” art center model.

On January 21, 2015 at the Bedlam Theatre, Artspace and members of the board of the St Paul Art Collective summarized the findings of the study and presented their suggested recommendations for the next steps to the community.

Hub and Spokes Concept

Thomas Reynen

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Board of Directors

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