Photo: Burning Brothers Brewing, 1750 Thomas Ave., opens up the back part of the building for artist displays. (Photo by Isaac Fromm)

Remember when St. Paul Art Crawl meant parking the car or the bike in Lowertown to walk around and visit artists twice a year?

The one-stop drop hasn’t been enough for years. Studios and spaces throughout St. Paul will be showcasing art this weekend — from West Seventh to the West Side, Como to Raymond Station, Downtown and Lowertown, Highland, Midway, Merriam Park Cathedral Hill and the East Side.

There are 41 locations for art in 11 districts this weekend, says St. Paul Art Crawl director Brenda Brousseau. For reference, there were 33 in the 2017 spring art crawl.

“We just want St. Paul to be this mecca of art,” says Brousseau, a beadwork artist who moved to St. Paul seven years ago after 35 years in Minneapolis. “We want to bring back the magic.”

The magic is color-coded and easier to find this year. The Art Crawl is a program of the St. Paul Art Collective, which created a map with each of the districts in a different color and a key that describes the numbered locations for art. The maps are free at any stop on the crawl, along with catalogs highlighting the artists. (You can search here to get started.)

“Anywhere you live in the city, you can go just blocks from your house to see art,” Brousseau says.

Art lovers who want to go beyond their neighborhoods, can download a free Metro Transit pass on our Art Crawl page.